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Any object that you could think of, from a simple one like personalized box to a complex structure like the miniature of Sagrada Familia cathedral, can go from the project stage, in just a few hours, to a real object that you can see and touch. The secret lies in three-dimensional printing – anyone has the opportunity to materialize their idea or personalized one of our product.

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We are a company passionate about 3D production, with very high ambitions and experience in several complementary fields like development and testing of SW embedded systems or traditional plastics molding production,+ quality and implementatuion of new projects.

We offer high quality 3D prototyping and production services, we are dynamic and flexible to your needs. Because of the projects we have been involved in, we are differentiated by: seriousness, quality, diversity and innovation, fundamental principles that underpin 3D Fusion .

We work with the latest technologies, capable of satisfying even the most demanding requirements. Each object made through the 3D printing process, regardless of the field of activity, can be customized upon request.

Due to the fact that we create unique or small and medium series products with applicability in numerous fields, we offer each person the opportunity to materialize their ideas and to test their imagination.

We do our best to make the solutions and proposals we offer easy to understand and use. The client is the center of our activity. We are concerned to know and understand the thoughts, requirements and expectations of each individual in order to provide a unique experience in the development and production process. Don’t focus on the details and let’s make your product together!

The imagination is the only limit when it comes to solutions in 3D production. Each 3D Fusion product is designed to perfectly fit your needs Our production covers a whole range of solutions adapted to the trends in the field, and if your product requires a technology that we do not currently have, don’t worry: one of our partners or suppliers will help us make your dream came true.

From the virtual 3D model to the physical model on your desk or your employees is just one step!


We want to be the best choice for our customers when they are looking for innovative and reliable solutions for their desired product. We are oriented on results and we want to be permanently the reference point in 3D production, because we are passionate and we work with technology and innovation. Our goal is that after 2 years to be part of the top companies in the field on the Romanian market and most importantly to penetrate the European market.


We want to share the future with you and accept the challenge of contributing to the success of your project. Our ambition and passion for technology define us. We offer technical solutions that makes the difference and guarantee success. With a passionate team behind us, we are ready to make useful and quality products, because our mission is based on challenges.

We work to increase the satisfaction of our customers.

The quality of our products and services, along with the dedication to our partnerships and clients, are the values which define our business.

We use the latest technology to make your products and we are ready to take your order.

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