Terms and Conditions 3D fusion

We tend to make the products to most useable to our customers. We have got lots of samples where our stuff is used in a great way by clients to achieve more

v 1 Payment & Shipping Policy


Both international customers and customers from Romania can pay online on our website by credit card.

For orders to be delivered within Romania, customers can also pay by cash directly to the courier when receiving the package. 


All 3d fusion products are designed, created and shipped from Sibiu, Romania.

After your payment is verified, estimated production times are between 1-3 working days, depending on the number of orders we receive. 


We ship our products worldwide.

We provide:

– international shipping via DHL Express with the following estimated shipping times (days):

  • Africa: 2-4
  • Asia: 2-6
  • Australia & New Zealand: 3
  • Central America: 2-4
  • Europe: 1-2
  • North America: 1-2
  • South America: 2-3
    • DHL shipping costs vary depending on the destination country. For details regarding shipping costs please check the My Cart or Checkout sections of the website.  

– shipping within Romania via Fan Courier with the following estimated shipping times:


  • Bucharest: 24 h (in exceptional cases 48h) -> cost: x RON


  • Rest of Romania: 24 h (in exceptional cases 48h)  -> cost: X RON

We do our best to make sure that these shipping times are met, however we can not guarantee them. 

After your product will be picked-up for delivery, you will receive an email with the tracking number and the link where you can check your product location. 

Please take into account that prior to international holidays both production and shipping times can be delayed due to a high volume of orders. Therefore please make sure to place your order plenty of time in advance. 


As the product will pass through customs, you may have to pay taxes. It is the customers responsibility to pay any customs and import taxes that may occur. Payment of these taxes is required to release your order from customs on arrival. 


Although we do our best to meet shipping times, we do not take responsibility for any delays that might occur due to customs. 

v 2 Terms & Conditions

  1. Terminology

3D PROD SIB SRL is the company name behind the brand of 3dfusion. We are a Romanian company with our registered office in Sibiu, Romania – Sibiu, Str. Eduard Albert Bieltz Nr.9A, ,Ap 2, CUI. 40489985, Nr. Reg. Com. J32/194/2019.

Seller and website = www.3dfusion.ro

Buyer = any individual or company who places an order on the website 3dfusion.ro.

Client = any individual or company who is accessing the content and information that is made available electronically, by email, by phone, face-to-face etc. by www.3dfusion.ro.

Order = a document in electronic format through which the buyer informs the seller about his intention of purchasing goods from the website.

Transaction = the receipt or reimbursement of a sum of money as a result of selling one or more goods to the buyer by the seller. 

  1. Company online selling policy

The buyer agrees to the use of the means of communication (which can be phone, e-mail etc.) by placing an order on the website. 

Each order placed will be followed by the issuing of an invoice by the seller containing information about the acquired goods. 

The seller reserves the right to restrict the access to the website and do not process and honor an order in the following situations:

– as a result of prior inappropriate conduct of the buyer/client, conduct which might harm in any way the website 3dfusion.ro.

– if the message that the buyer/client wishes to be written on the product instigates to violence, aggression, abuse of any sort or is disrespectful, offensive or uses strong language. In the case that the payment has gone through, the buyer will be contacted by the seller, he will be informed of the reasons why his order cannot be honored and will be asked to choose between either changing the message on the product or being refunded. 

For any of the above mentioned situations, the client can contact us by phone, email or any other means of contact listed on the website 3dfusion.eu in order to be informed of the reasons why these measures were taken. 

For online payments, the seller takes no responsibility for any additional cost which may occur including but not limited to currency conversion commissions which the buyer’s card issuing bank may apply in the situation in which the currency of the buyer’s issued card differs from the currency in which the goods are sold online. The buyer is solely responsible for covering these costs. 

  1. Order

For an order to be placed, the client has to add products in the shopping cart of the website and finalize the order by selecting one of the payment options available at checkout (international clients – payment by credit card; clients within Romania – payment by credit card or by cash directly to the courier when receiving the package) and filling in all requested information. 

It is the client’s/buyer’s responsibility to provide complete, accurate and true data. By finalizing the order, the buyer gives his consent that all the provided data is complete, accurate and true.

Furthermore, by placing an order, the buyer agrees:

– to be contacted by the seller if necessary, by using the contact information provided by the buyer.

– for the seller to take pictures of the ordered product(s) and use them for product presentation and promotion purposes. If the buyer doesn’t wish to give his consent, he may state so in the comment section step before placing his order.

An order can be canceled by the seller without prior informing the buyer and without any obligation, damages or interests request option for any of the two parties, in the following cases:  

  • In the case of online payment, the transaction was named invalid by the card processor with which 3dfusion.ro has an agreement
  • In the case of online payment, the non-acceptance of the transaction by the issuing bank of the buyer’s card
  • the data provided by the buyer on the website is incomplete and/or incorrect.

Due to the fact that all products are custom made, each having its own color selection, size and personalized message, 3D fusion SRL cannot accept returns, cancellations or exchanges for another product, unless the buyer’s product arrives damaged or defective. 

3dfusion does not take responsibility and cannot exchange, replace or reimburse products that have been deteriorated while being worn. 

3dfusion gladly accepts returns of the products if the buyer has received it damaged or defective in any way. 

In this case, please:

  • contact us at contact@3dfusion.ro ,
  • within 14 days of delivery
  • and ship product back within 20 days of delivery.

Once we received the returned product, we will either refund you, repair or replace your product, depending on your choice. The return shipping cost will be covered by 3dfusion and customer support will assist you in resolving this issue. 

In case a product ordered by the buyer cannot be delivered by the seller, the seller will inform the buyer and will reimburse to the buyer’s bank account the value of the ordered good(s) in maximum 5 days starting with the day the buyer was informed. 

  1. Payment

On every order the buyer can find information about the price and methods of payment. The seller will issue an invoice to the buyer for the ordered goods. The buyer has the obligation to provide all the necessary information according to the law for the invoice to be issued.

The buyer will receive the invoice either physically together with the delivery of the goods, or by email in electronic format. 

  1. Delivery

The ordered goods will be delivered by the seller through courier companies, both within Romania as well as abroad.  

  1. Divestiture and subcontracting

The seller may divest and/or subcontract a third party to deliver services related to honoring the order, by informing the buyer but not needing the buyer’s approval. 

  1. Intellectual property rights

All the content that is available online on the website 3dfusion.ro (images, texts, logo etc.) are 3dfusion property and may not be copied, used, distributed, changed, transferred, sold etc. without the seller’s prior written consent. 

If you encounter any breach of intellectual property rights, you can inform us by contacting us at contact@3dfusion.ro.

  1. Privacy

The information or materials that the buyer is transmitting and posting through the website 3dfusion.ro (ex. comments, reviews, images etc.) can be used, posted and distributed by the seller. 

By accepting the Terms and Conditions document, the buyer agrees that his personal data be included in 3dfusion database and that this data be stored, used and processed unlimited by 3dfusion and its partners.

By registering within 3dfuison database, the buyer is expressing his consent to be contacted by third parties who have partnered entities with 3dfusion like marketing service providers, other service providers and state and government agencies where the legislation states so.

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