Benefits of 3D printing


High speed and low costs

  • The primary advantage for 3D printing, compared to the traditional manufacturing methods, is the reduced time needed to print an complex product
  • The second advantage is the reduced costs compared to traditional approach, and here we have:
    • Production costs – usually for traditional approach you need more equipment’s to create a unique product and most of the time you need a specialist for each equipment
    • Material costs – using 3D printing technology the objects can be hollow inside, and if a greater rigidity is required, the 3D printer can create partial interior gaps, filled with structures in different shapes, resulting in very light and but still rigid objects
    • Low costs also are deriving from the reduced time.
  • 3D printing is good for those who want to transform their idea into a product, launching the product on the market is faster and with lower risks.
  • depending on the project, the consumption of material is reduced, without unnecessary loss of material.
  • Some complex objects cannot be produced using traditional technology in one piece.
  • 3D creation to allow the customized lens.
  • Complex models can be 3D printed as a single piece, eliminating the need to assemble parts.

Less waste, more sustainable and more environmentally friendly

  • 3D printing is an additive process – an object is created by adding raw material layer by layer. Additive manufacturing methods use only the materials needed to produce the object.
  • In some cases, due to the complex geometry it is necessary to use supports for the realization of the part, but most filament materials can be turned back into raw material, and in the case of those that became waste we separate them and send to the authorized collecting company, according to the environmental authorization.
  • Therefore, additive manufacturing produces less residue than traditional technology.

Another great advantage of this technology is that it allows people to preserve works of art and at the same time exhibit duplicates of them, by scanning and printing digital duplicates. Also, through the 3D print process we can repair different artifacts without affecting their integrity.