Our projects

When you are feeling blue, you need support.

Add some colors and the force is back with you!

We pride ourselves on our work, so we thought we would share with you some of our projects. 3D prototyping can be used for various projects, starting with small craft objects and even complex products. The final product made by 3D Fusion complies with high quality standards.

Any object you can think of, can go from the project stage, in just a few hours, to a real object that you can see and touch. The secret is 3D printing – anyone can materialize their 3D prototypes.

Communication, professionalism and results that are in full accordance with the clients’ requirements help us to have a portfolio that we want to get out in front of.

If you are looking for a 3D prototyping solution that either helps the success of your business or is your next business, contact the 3D Fusion team.

Christmas spirit


Baby Yoda

Customized box

Customized box made in collaboration with BELT (www.belt.ro) together with 2 buckles and 2 textile straps, detachable and interchangeable, resulting in 4 possible combinations of belts.


Box Material: Plastic + Natural Wood

Development of a flexible pneumatic actuator

Headset support

Smart house case

Team-building game

An apparently simple piece but with multiple benefices. The piece will be used in team building exercises for non-verbal communication.